Selfista: The very worst Tokyo apartment building name?

As I’ve joked before, Tokyo has more than its share of strange building names, which seem to only increase in senselessness with the poshness of the neighborhood. I’ve ridiculed Movements, Zesty Minami-Koenji, Decent, and one of my favorites Cram Place.

This is a lovely modern apartment tower, lots of exterior raw concrete, beautiful balconies and views, a kindergarden on the ground floor, near good restaurants and mature trees, a place I would love to live in.

Yet, passing that name every day would be too much, right? “Selfista” reminds me of too English words: selfish, and self-fister which sounds like the master of an extreme sexual practice.

Two towers at night

Roppongi Hills at night

During the day, Roppongi Hills looks over-sized, the product of Mr Mori of Mori Building putting the largest floor plates his influence could buy with city planners. At night, viewed from it’s base, it can be inspiring. Perhaps off-theme of this blog, though also incredibly phallic.

Even more iconic is Tokyo Tower. I think the photo is too blurry, but the husband likes it.

Tokyo Tower