Hot salaryman parades through Nakano


It’s true that some salarymen wear the boring and cheap clothes, and have poor hygiene. Yet some really out-do themselves in self-presentation. I love the super saturated blues of the Goyard bag and pin stripe-suit, the complementary tones of hair, tan, and shoes. Why is his tongue sticking out slightly in the above photo?


Classy girlish looks at Jesuit school’s fall festival

Compared to the blonde yankii undressed on the pavement, these autumn looks at Tokyo’s finest Jesuit university are both girlish and classy. Drop pants, check. Luxury label, check. Overcoat with baseball cap, check. Tongue out of mouth, check. Expensive and complicated lady’s hair, check, check, check.

What’s with sticking your tongue out?

Is this a universal male signal? Walking down the street, I am always surprised, and yes a bit intrigued, to see men with their tongues out. I’ve seen men do this in almost every country and city. It is clearly *very* moe.

This photo comes from a Tokyo anti-nuke demo, and I am not sure if the tongue came out because he noticed me taking a photo. Or perhaps the tongue is aimed at someone else?

In any case, demos are great for people-watching and photo-taking. What do you think about male tongue action in public? Have you ever seen a woman do this?

Project Host

My gorgeous blogger friend Green Eyed Geisha made my dreams come true with our private bonenkai, year forgetting party, which we celebrated at Top Dandy, a male host club in Kabukicho. See this Tokyo host website for a list of all 70 clubs!

I love the contrast between the simple sign out front, indicating the club’s location on the fifth floor of an ordinary building, and the elaborate photo styling of their website.

Once inside, we were met by a handsome tall guy who was very charming, and along with a portly short older guy led us into the chandelier-bedecked club. There must have been twenty chandeliers, including ceiling, wall, and at least one inside of a plexiglass drinks table. Plus many many mirrors.

Later, GEG told me that she hadn’t found our first greeter handsome, because his hair was too natural. I found him suave and charming, and loved that he had self-taught himself English. He also boasted that he had taken a 3 month trip to 20 countries, of which he most liked Turkey and South Africa.

GEG introduced me as her cousin, which seemed much kinder than uncle and explained that I was there to soothe her “first time” anxiety. She, of course, has been to several others before. But as first time customers at Top Dandy, we were entitled to a 5,000 yen (US$ 55) all you-can-drink, stay-as-long-you-want encounter with an endless parade of back-combed, floss haired boys.

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Peko-chan thief


More breaking news from Japan. Someone, reportedly a mobster, has stolen 10 Peko-chan statues. Peko-chan is the mascot of Fujiya bakery, an old store implicated last year for using expired ingredients. It is hard to imagine “collectors”  willing to pay 150,000 to 200,000 yen ($1,600 to $2,150) for these one meter dolls with the lascivious tongue. I would pay money to remove her image from my brain. At least she gets dressed seasonally: