Rentokil provides violent imagery while urinating

I have been urinating in public restrooms in Tokyo for several years, when I just noticed the brand of the automatic flusher, Calmic Rentokil Initial. Three collections of letters that add up to one misplaced word, and several conflicting feelings. Should I feel calm? Should I be killing? Or is renting best? The kite fluttering in the wind adds more incongruity to this strange brand image. This company seems to provide the flushing for most Tokyo public toilets.

Huggable body pillow has many uses

Most people interested in Japan and otaku know Danny Choo, professional British geek blogger and friendly pervert. He has a bizarre photo spread on “dakimakura,” huggable body pillows. And shows there many uses as breakfast companion, driving companion, Wii competitor, and toilet seat warmer. Very strange and very NSFW!

33% of Japanese Men Sit to Pee

Toto toilet

According to a survey by Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto, 33% of Japanese men sit to pee at home. The numbers are almost 10% higher than five years ago. Reasons cited include “ease of posture” and “to make cleaning easier.”

Takuji Yano, Toto’s public relations staff, explains, “It seems that people are tending to be more conscious about the bathrooms in their home, such as equipping washlet attachments to the toilet and trying to keep them cleaner.”

Could this be true? Is this self-reported or observed research data?