At Koh-sama’s memorial service, hair was flying and panties showing


As I said before, I went to porn superstar Koh Masaki’s memorial service not knowing quite what to expect. Would it be heavy? In fact, hair was flying, panties showing, and humor and comaraderie reigned. I love how this tranny worked the flight attendant outfit, evoking Koh sama’s recent super-sexy Pan Am costume, and the “have a nice flight” theme of the memorial.


Countryside tour ends with American Dream tour bus

I am wrapping up this fashion tour of the countryside with the incongruous site of the American Dream tour bus. In wonderfully eclectic fashion, an American theme– complete with eagle and red-white-and-blue– is fully compatible with the “hinomaru” and rising sun of Japanese nationalism. Why choose one theme when you can just have more!

What do you like best about Japanese country fashion? Do you get outside big cities often? What’s most inspiring about country fashion where you live?