Saint Grace Cathedral

St Grace Cathedral

Walking in the back streets of posh Omotesando, I stumbled upon this simulacra of a Gothic cathedral, named Saint Grace. Apparently it is famous in Tokyo. Apart from the bunches of electric wires on the street out front, and the partial miniaturization, it is the splitting image of historic France.

Of course, this being Japan, there are no religious services at Saint Grace. Its function is purely theatrical: Weddings, Receptions, Party and Events.

I love Japan’s entirely surface approach to religion and use of foreign styles as backdrops. None of the unpleasant dogmas of Catholic religion, and with all the fun and exoticism of foreign forms.

Saint Grace Cathedral

West 53rd, Museum of Modern Happiness

Directly across from Gold’s Gym is the oddly named Museum of Modern Happiness, West 53rd. With a well-dressed African doorman, it’s a super-slick modern building. West 53rd seems to be an allusion to the MOMA in NYC, which is at once pretentious and strange. I learned the doorman does not speak English and that it’s a bridal event space.

Adorable candy makers

Papa Bubble candy shop in Nakano

In an old shopping street (しょうてんがい)in Nakano, there’s an incredibly arty artisanal candy store, Papa Bubble, where buff young guys roll out colorful hard candies in synchronized and theatrical gestures. The children were ga-ga over the candies. My eyes were equally focused on the artisans. Too bad my digital camera did not do the guys justice.

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