Take It Like a Man, as only Cher knows

This concept is not very sophisticated, yet the song and video express Cher’s gender fantasy. Women are strong, men are pretty. Thanks, Eric the fez, my old college roommate for bringing this religious work to my attention.

I just want to be a teen werewolf

Wow! That’s a lot of heavily made-up, teen male angst! The video is entitled “I hate you Josh. I’m a teen werewolf.” It includes memorable lines like, “I don’t suck Daffy Duck’s dick.”

Thanks to all my lovely readers who commented about the 200,000th page view. I will definitely bring more street fashion, more sneaky photos, and of course more ikemen. But, no doubt, along the way, I will also include the many random and strange things I see in Tokyo and online. Please feel free to send any relevant stories and images that you think I should post!