Mrs Rick Perry: Husband is gay but a true married Xian

If it were up to me, I’d have a series of debates just featuring spouses. I’d love to see which can be more subservient, who has biggest crocodile tears, and who loves their husband (and in one case, wife) and Amerika most. Those spouses who are gay or are married to gays are some of the most audacious.

Asashoryu retires from sumo

I shed a few tears over my beloved Asashoryu’s (forced) retirement from sumo. It’s not that I don’t like Hakuho, but Asashoryu’s bad boy personality is super sexy. The retirement ritual involves a hair cut. Thanks to the non-jealous hubb for sending me these images and story.

Gira Gira, new TV drama

A new evening soap opera is starting this week, Gira Gira. Can’t wait! The lead is one of my favorite soap stars, Kuranosuke Sasaki (佐々木蔵之介), from Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend). The title, Gira Gira (ギラギラ), can be translated as blinding ambition or garish bling. The plot seems to involve a middle-aged family man who enters (or re-enters) the world of male hosts after becoming unemployed. There’s sure to be lots of big-haired young men, seedy politics, and tons of tears.




“Zettai Kareshi” (Absolute Boyfriend) is regrettably over. I feel a little sad. The robot’s emotions were stronger than the technology. When Hayami Mokomichi is put inside the box, I cried a little. Moco-moco’s memory lives on!


泣かないてください。今日はお父の日ですね。何をすればうれしくなりますか? 喜びの涙がだけにしましょう。おめでとう。

Happy Father’s Day. Please do not cry. Today is Father’s Day. What activities make dad happy? Let’s have only tears of joy. Best wishes.