Wadabori outdoor pool welcomes most of the public

I visited Wadabori outdoor pool during the last week of the season. It’s super old but beautiful, with two sides facing a large, forested temple. It’s also close to Zenpukuji river. Highly recommend it, except that visible tattoos and piercings are not allowed. Not cool!

I’m also confused by the other typical Tokyo pool rule that prohibits sun tan lotion. Ever heard of skin cancer? Apparently not, since the lifeguards are often the shade of burnt toast.

Surfers mark start of beach series

No matter where you are in the world, there’s the allure of surfers. My favorite view of them, of course, is in the parking lot. This photo’s wall is suggestive for what is shows and what it conceals.

This is the start of my beach series, with photos of tattoos, lifeguards, and strange male behavior featured from the shores of Kanagawa to Chiba. Japan is at its freest and most delinquent at the beach.

Dress code for US aircraft carrier

A friend has been invited for a private tour of a US aircraft carrier, and asked me what would be appropriate dress code. Other than anti-war protests, my only direct experience with the Navy is Cher’s “If I could turn back time.” For Cher, a super-sized wig, thong, minimal V-shaped fabric covering the front, metallic belt, fish nets, garters and high heeled boots seemed to make the sailors smile and dance in her video.

What would you recommend? Are double butt tattoos mandatory for aircraft visits?