Fast destruction of tatami live-work space

Nakano tatami live-work destruction

In January I saw this older daddy taking golf swings in what was a tatami-making live-work space in the small lane we take from our apartment to the JR station. The lower level had extra high ceilings, the upper floor seemed to be his house, and the whole building probably pre-dated World War II. In a matter of seven days, the scalfolding went up, and the entire lot was scraped.

A similar wooden house a few doors away was also rapidly removed. It’s sad how little protection is given to the few buildings that are of historical interest in Tokyo.

Tatami live-work destruction Tatami live-work destruction Tatami live-work destruction

I am expecting either six banal townhouses or a small apartment building to replace it. Few modern buildings in our neighborhood seem to benefit from architects or design.


New apartment snaps

Here’s two views of the new apartment. From the bedroom facing out to the living room, balcony and view.

And from the balcony looking into the living room and bedroom. Note the slide Japanese doors and tatami mats. It’s wonderfully old-style.