Student ceramic show

I did not have a chance to post these photos earlier. Late last month, we had the annual student ceramic show. My second one! I was so surprised to see almost all of what I exhibited: two lattice-shaped bizen vases, six mugs, and a few other bizen vases which I made in May during the studio trip.

In addition to my super loyal customer and Japanese aunt, my university friend bought one piece, as did the wife of a famous antique dealer and several people I do not know. In addition, I am now working on orders for more mugs.

More photos after the jump.

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Posh baby bento

Posh baby bento

One of the ceramic studio students has an adorable one year old who accompanies her. In addition to having the coolest outfits, he also has wonderful ceramics for his lunch. Recently, his mom brought him the most elegant tin bento box. No plastic cups, plates and bowls for this lucky baby!