Run, Ladies, Run! And take your daughters, too!

Ridunkulous! These orthodox Jewish ladies are not only in the upper decks of New Jersey’s MetLife stadium, but behind special rows and rows of curtain. So that their visibility doesn’t drive the menfolk INSANE. 90,000 peeps participated in this Talmud study. Ladies, it’s never too late to run!

North Korea’s Youth Captain: Hot or Not?

I admit I have a thing for North Korea’s “Dear Leader,” whose fashion choices are frequently mocked yet, in my opinion, under-rated. Now he appears to be grooming son #3, aka Youth Captain, as his heir.

I love how this leaked propaganda document holds nothing back in its praise: “He is a genius of geniuses. He has been endowed by nature with special abilities. There is nobody on the planet who can defeat him in terms of faith, will and courage.”

But my question to you readers, is Youth Captain hot or not?!