Sex & the City, Part II, Now in Ginza Ad

So are you preparing yourself for this cinematic soft candy? I think of the four ladies as my ara-fi (アラフィ, around 50 years old) senpai. I am of course curious about the ladies’ encounters with Arab men and camels. I love how it’s opening quickly in Tokyo. Photo taken in Ginza.

Otomen Premiere: Guest Post

As promised, Otomen debuted last night on Japanese TV. Britton Watkins created this guest post, which neatly summarizes the plot and characters.

Otomen Premiere

Asuka’s Father was a soft-spoken and romantic gardener.

Otomen Premiere

But the precocious youth Asuka adored him and emulated him at every turn.


Beautiful Mom thought Dad was just great too…

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Naive Lady Toilet Paper

Naive Lady Toilet Paper

Japanese English is always inspiring. This toilet paper brand is called Naive Lady. I love the illustration, where the house (or old fashioned factory?) is dwarfed by the bird sculpture and giant pitcher of milk. Love the green, pink and red color pallette. The husband tried to explain the name, as in “the lady is so naive that her bottom is very soft.” Hunh?! Naivety in leads to soft bottoms, and ladies are more naive than gents? This is a linguistic and logical nightmare!