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Competitive eating champ Kobayashi eats 7.5 lbs of turkey in 10 minutes

I love that Kobayashi Takeru shows off his body in a tank top while eating 7.5 lbs of turkey in 10 minutes. It seems he’s now focused on using social media to get “closer” to his fans: on UStream and Facebook. It’s a proud moment for Japan: beating the US at food gluttony while seducing Amerika with exhibitionism. This a big win for Team Japan!

Queer March on Washington DC

Queer march on Washington DC

Sunday was a huge queer march in Washington DC demanding equality and action by Nobel prize winner Barack Obama. The rally, the first in almost ten years, was organized by a younger generation using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and blogs.

Here’s Lady Gaga’s moving speech in front of the Capitol, ending with “Bless God, Bless the Gays!”

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