Snow did not stop the stretch Lincolns from delivering yankiis to Nakano’s Sun Plaza


Young men dressed in kimonos celebrate turning 20 at Nakano Sun Plaza’s Seiji No Hi coming of age ceremony. Overheard, 「お大人になちゃった。」Roughly translated, it means, “Oh shit, we’ve become adults.” As usual, the heavily inebriated youth were extremely friendly to the lone foreign lurker. Congratulations, everyone, and good luck!

Illustrator fixated on Japanese men’s hair

I was delighted that Japan-based illustrator Josh McKible shares my interest in Japanese men’s hair, and will be displaying his illustrations on my favorite new online magazine, Snow. In addition to the beautiful art, McKible references trendy hair salons and advice on face shapes and styling tips.

For Style #362 above, a Medium Wolf, here are the details: “Suitable for triangle, oval and square face types. A hard wax is recommended.”

Mount Fuji, from our apartment balcony

Mount Fuji, from our apartment

I was awake early yesterday, and was surprised to see Mount Fuji with no cloud cover from our balcony. You can see the snow cover, and even the crevice running down the right side. Below is a cropped version of the photo.

Mount Fuji, from our apartment, cropped

Now I know that the sacred volcano is just to the left of the garbage incinerator smoke-stack.