New “soshoku” male fashion

Not to be confused with the soshokukei (herbivore) male trend— an anti-salary man, new generation of non-aggressive and vain young men— the Mainichi newspaper introduces a new type of soshoku (same sound, different kanji).

The new soshoku are “decorative” males. My favorite kind. They enjoy unisex and ladies’ clothes (but are not cross-dressing), and are partial to a super slim silhouette that is impossible for their oji-san admirers to imitate. I love the photos that represent the new look, and have posted them above.

BTW, I am lurking and shooting my own fashion observations, and as fanservice to my readers I’ll post them soon.


Wishes at major shrine

Wishes at major shrine

Visiting a major shrine in Tokyo, I decided to stop and read some of the wishes written on wooden placards. I had thought they would all be about love and world peace. Of course, many are, but some are hilarious. Not sure if it’s bad to read others’ wishes, but they are public and I could not help myself.

Wishes at major shrine

Here are some of the best ones in English. Above: “I want a BMW 3 Series with real leather seats and a Bose sounds system and a GPS nav. system with a cute Japanese girl voice and seat warmers so my butt stays warm in the winter.”

Wishes at major shrine

“Simon has clear direction in his life and is determined to be + stay debt free with a house that owns . . . . He understands that it is all down to him– go for it tree!!!”

Wishes at major shrine

“Wish my daughter Linting (?) come to her senses + break away from Dario completely and never see him again. Wish good health, safe . . . Heal me + let me live a long healthy happy life.”

Below is what all the cards called ema in Japanese look like underneath the giant tree.

Wishes at major shrine

More wish cards after the jump.

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