Breaking news: Sex and the City stars arrive in Tokyo

All four stars of Sex & the City II have arrived in Tokyo for the premiere tomorrow. Love how they are decked out! And love how they are recognizing the importance of fashion-obsessed Japanese as their fan base.

Note: I’ll be attending the movie without the husband, who seems confused about the point of the movie. It’s about friendship, looking good, and ladies! Plus there are Arabs! I hope the sister-in-law can come with me!

Men’s hair, or “Fukuyama, you’re a girl!”

Men's hair, or "Fukuyama, you're a girl!"

Enough about flowers, trees and bombs. Yes, it’s time to re-examine Japanese men’s hair, and to tease the sister-in-law just a bit.

Anyone who follows Japanese male celebrities knows that two men have dominated this field and at any given moment are fronting at least 6 products each, from instant noodles to televisions to hair gel to canned coffeee. The battle is between SMAP idol Kimutaku and singer-actor Fukuyama Masaharo.

Some ladies like one, or the other. It’s rare that anyone likes both equally. As blog readers know, I prefer Kimu, my sister-in-law Fuku. Recently I noticed that as both are becoming solidly “Arafo” (close to 40), they are upping the airbrushing and botox.

Kimu is widely known for his ever-changing hair, generally blondish and curly. Now, Fukuyama seems to be strongly competing as to whose hair is more girlish.

What do you think? Which idol’s hair is more girlish?

A calendar of chocolate

A calendar of chocolate

My sister-in-law Y. visited last week at midnite, while I was sleeping. Like the husband, she’s a night owl. To celebrate my ceramics show starting this Friday, she left an extravagant chocolate calendar.

Two large boxes with two chocolates for each day of November and December, and six medium boxes for each day of the show. Daily flavors include pistachio, nuts praline, creamy cheese, peru/hi-milk, madagascar & indonesia java semi-sweet, cameroon & venezuela chuao milk.

It’s so delicious and very extravagant. It’s from the 100% Chocolate Cafe in Ginza. I want to take Y. there as a thank-you-excursion.