Who you looking at?


Double shirt, shorts, nerd glasses. Yes, I am looking.


Sexy senior has denim bike shorts

sexy_bike_shorts_senior_sanfranciscoThis senior bike outfit is both sexy and practical. None of that icky spandex. And the helmet suggests he values his brain. Be safe out there!




In the center of the giant crosswalk separating retail-focused Shinjuku with pleasure-focused Kabukicho. Of course, I meant to capture more clearly his fashion and not hers. His was very on trend: matching camo shorts and top, deep tan, well-coiffed hair and mustache.


Fashion conundrum #1: What’s up with wool hats paired with shorts?


All during May and into June, I’ve been noticing the strangest seasonal fashion: wool cap paired with shorts. I certainly appreciate the start of shorts season, and maybe these men find the wool cap allows them to bare their legs earlier. I, on the other hand, have long packed away all my woolens.

Best part of this photo is that his hat matches  the train, and his shirt the platform tiles.


Late season shorts in Omotesando

The streets are much sadder when it’s too cold for shorts. The husband disagrees on this with me. He believes no men should ever wear shorts. I agree to disagree.


Walking to the beach with shorts dipping low

This seems to be the path from the train station to the beach . .


Senior fashion in the park

In Tokyo, the seniors rock the fashion world in unexpected bursts of ostentation. I love how this grand daddy is mixing shorts and dark socks, white gloves and a dog in a sweater. I spotted him outside a public bathroom in one of my favorite urban parks. He seemed very popular with the ladies, and I am certain he is well known in these parts.


Nakano bike fashion