Classy girlish looks at Jesuit school’s fall festival

Compared to the blonde yankii undressed on the pavement, these autumn looks at Tokyo’s finest Jesuit university are both girlish and classy. Drop pants, check. Luxury label, check. Overcoat with baseball cap, check. Tongue out of mouth, check. Expensive and complicated lady’s hair, check, check, check.

Irish priest accidentally shows x-rated photos at elementary school parents’ meeting about first communion

Priest blames porn projection on memory stick. Wonder why he didn’t blame PowerPoint, Microsoft operating system, or the devil. For me the best part is the voices of the Irish newscasters.

I also like that the Cardinal thought it best to issue a statement that he had “no advance knowledge of the pornography.”

Thanks, Ericthefez. No, I had *not* seen this before. But it produced many, many laughs.

Real resort attracts men honeymooning with virtual girlfriends

Is this truly “only in Japan” or does Western media love stories about “weird” Japanese men? Funny how these weird men are always cast as dysfunctional straights.

So here’s the latest story in the Wall Street Journal: a resort town suffering from the collapse of rural Japan and the terrible economy promotes itself as a destination for LovePlus+ dating gamers. This story produces the sensationalist title, “Only in Japan, Real Men Go to a Hotel with their Virtual Girlfriends,” the sad subtitle, “Dating Game Simulation a Last Resort for Holiday Town and Its Lonely Guests,” and the innuendo rich description of a town seeking to “attract single men– and their hand-held devices.”

The game is at once demanding of its users’ time, and also regressive. Men in their 20s and 30s enact a high school romance. The summer fun at the seaside resort ends in late August when the virtual girlfriends must go back to school.

I’ve reported other geek love stories, like the dakimakura or huggable pillow girlfriends. It seems foreigners enjoy hearing about how dysfunctional Japanese men can be. Perhaps I also get an added chuckle out of the spectacle of improbable hetero desire. But I also agree with the many critics of this news genre that this is hardly representative of Japanese masculinity.

Back to School: Active Shooter Survival Tips

Lafayette College's Active Shooter Survival Tips

It’s back to school time. In the United States, that includes the opportunity to read your college’s Active Shooter Survival Tips. No kidding. At Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, with a “U Can” slogan, there is a web page detailing survival tips and “what to expect.”

Obviously my favorite survival tip is #D: “Hide.” The definition of active shooter is also helpful: “An active shooter is a person who appears to be actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.”

You can read the whole page here. And now you know why college in the US costs $50,000 per year.

Bomb found at school near house

Police tape, bomb scare at school nearby

Walking home before lunch, the small street near my house was blocked with police tape and many many young police men. Peering past the police line, I saw some official looking daddies in dark suits moving about. The location is just down the small street from the destroyed house and near or possibly inside the grounds of an elementary school.

My Japanese is so bad. After speaking to several of the police, I understood there was a missile. I asked if it came from North Korea, which has been recently threatening to launch a long-range missile in the Pacific. I was assured that it did not land today. Another cop told me it was 50 years old.

This is what North Korean’s 1998 Taepodong missile looks like. 

North Korean missile

Once home, the husband explained that World War II bombs are still being found throughout Tokyo. It’s probably not an immediate threat, but still kind of a shock after 60 years to feel the presence of the fire-bombing.