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Watch out for sharks!


A deft hand-move opens up the view of the scary shark with mouth open wide. Viewed from chilly Tokyo, it’s an invitation to another reality.

Scary drag at Tokyo Pride Parade

Tokyo Pride Parade, like any gay festival, has its fair share of scary drag. Above is a possibly female, definitely middle-aged school girl with a small stuffed animal pinned to her head. Below is what the hubb calls “Akebake” or Akihabara inspired costume that includes a long un-styled wig and hugge paws with pink palms. I’ll post some more appealing images tomorrow!

Scary dolls in Nakano Broadway

This is where nightmares live.


In Japanese, it’s very easy to confuse the words for “scary” (kowai) and “cute” (kawaii). This old sign is the perfect illustration.