rush hour

Some commute hour train moe

Photographer Michael Wolf created a series of photos of Tokyo’s crowded subways and trains. It’s no secret that morning rush hour and also last train can be an intimate experience with strangers. The photo above is my moe favorite. You can see more online, and at a San Francisco art gallery.


Subway mirrors

Subway mirrors

It is amazing that every Tokyo Metro and JR station has these free-standing mirrors. It is not uncommon to see men spend five minutes or more publicly adjusting their hair. Primping, fluffing, biggen’ing, slicking, and moving strands from one side to the other. I love how natural, unselfconscious and public all this male vanity is.

As my blog theme attests, there is a fine and delicious line between male vanity and delinquency. Male vanity is one of Tokyo’s most remarkable and unremarked features! In the photo above, it seems the four mirrors are there to accommodate rush hour grooming!