Rick Perry

Mrs Rick Perry: Husband is gay but a true married Xian

If it were up to me, I’d have a series of debates just featuring spouses. I’d love to see which can be more subservient, who has biggest crocodile tears, and who loves their husband (and in one case, wife) and Amerika most. Those spouses who are gay or are married to gays are some of the most audacious.

American summer ritual more vulgar than Japan?

Just so no one thinks Japan has a global monopoly on vulgar summer festivities, I am happy to show an American summer vulgarity crossed with this year’s start to the 2012 presidential race. At state fairs, like this one in Iowa, when Americans are not eating deep fried butter on a stick, they are often shoving corn dogs into their faces. Fittingly, in Japan corn dogs are referred to as “American dogs.” Combined with religious nuts, this is not only vulgar but also distasteful.

(Thanks to Ericthefez for assembling this pictorial).