Seeing Christopher Columbus up close, in bougie living room

I am excited to climb up to the temporary living room set up around the statue of Columbus Circle on Friday. I love the crazy Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi and his upscale domestication of this well-situated piece of Amerikana. I especially love the pink and red decor scheme, which matches exactly this blog.

Drag villain?!

Thank you, Josh F, for putting these two images together of Bernie Madoff, Ponzi mastermind, and his biggest Austrian feeder Sonja Kohn, who is now being sued for US$ 19.6 billion and labeled his “criminal soul mate.”

As the photo makes evident, it also seems likely that Sonja and Bernie are the same person, with the simple addition of lipstick and a red wig. Why are villains so captivating?!

Red hair in futuristic factory tour

Because I was invited, I found myself in a Suntory beer factory tour. Of course, moe follows me throughout Tokyo. One of the tour mates had the most luminous red hair, piled thickly, widely, and just plain big-ly. I guess I was supposed to be watching the video, where the guy in the fancy hat explains just how Suntory makes such delicious beer. But in fact, I could not take my eyes off this hair-do, whose glory was magnified by the strange lighting.