Demolition workers in summer rain shower

As soon as these workers finished chopping down a 10 meter tree and scraping a 30 year house to fresh soil, a sudden downpour appeared like a biblical reaction to the plant violence. Kind of hot, no?

It rained so hard that the demolition worker wrings out his clothes. The rain looks fake because it’s so thick.

Exhaustive history of Asian men dating x-cross race lines

Hilarious 50 part series looking at Asian men throughout history who marrying, dating and sleeping with ladies of different races (plus Lieutenant Sulu’s husband). I thought this fetishization of Asian men would find a welcome audience among my readers. (Via Ask A Korean).

Complex.com’s introduction is hilarious, and there are many many examples of mostly movie stars and their fictional and real loves.

It’s no secret that everybody lusts after Asian women—just visit the streets of any major city, or Nic Cage’s crib, or this very web site (here, here, or here, for starters). So yellow fever is nothing new, but the miscegenasian has historically been one-sided: non-Asian men looking to fulfill their fetishes of submissive, exotic geisha-types. Get in where you fit in, fetishizers—but whither the Asian man? Unfortunately, the only sexual stereotype of our yellow brethren is decidedly negative (word to Ken Jeong’s nude scene in The Hangover), and there are only a handful (pause) of famous Asian men in America that might turn slant-eyeds from zeroes to heroes.

But things, they might be a-changin’. When Pepa chose Tom Lo to be her man in her VH1 series, it was one small, chocolatey step for Lo, but possibly a giant step for Asian mankind. Here, then, is our gallery of Asian men who’ve gotten love outside of their race in real life as well as movies and TV. You know, they’re all pink inside, folks…

Tomorrow’s Koreanish Stars Today

Karl Yune

Author Alexander Chee’s post in May about hot Korean stars, and People magazine’s error in misidentifying Rain as Karl Yune. Profiles and hot photos of so many over-the-top Korean male stars. My life will never be the same.

Dennis Oh

From top to bottom, Karl Yune, Dennis Oh, and Daniel Henney.

From Alexander Chee’s post: “People Magazine is catching a certain amount of flack this morning for having published an item that misidentifies a photo of Karl Yune as Rain, in the new Speed Racer film. Speed Racer, it’s worth pointing out, has 3 young attractive men of Korean descent on the cast, setting what might be a record for an American film (there’s no statistics on this).”

Daniel Henney

Happy Lady’s Day, 10% off

Happy Lady's Day, 10% off

The Jeans Mate near our apartment is open 24 hours, despite the fact that this is a residential neighborhood. It seems to prompt them to do all sorts of desperate stuff. Last night, raining already and with a typhoon on the way, they had a banner proclaiming, Happy Lady’s Day, 10% off.

Has anyone heard of Lady’s Day? I’ve heard of Lady’s Night at bars. It smacks of desperate retailing. What do you think?


I was walking down a narrow street of small shops in an upbeat mood. Rain was just starting to fall, and I noticed a three year old boy with his palms outstretched and younger sister barely standing next to him. “It’s raining, no?” I asked him in Japanese. Excited and wide-eyed, he blurted out to his shop-keeper father, “English?” His father seemed as amused as me by the young boy’s false sense of language comprehension.

An attractive architect, who went to school and worked in the US,  recently told me that his wife, after a few drinks, thinks that she understands dinner conversation English, when in reality she is listening to his simultaneous translation.

I see this earnest delusion in my own efforts to understand spoken Japanese. Maybe language learning starts with the will to understand. Even though full comprehension takes much longer.

Ginza manias

Baum kuchen in Ginza

Looking like pork on a spit, this is actually one of Tokyo’s latest crazes, a “baum kuchen.” Usually people form long lines to buy these German cakes in Ginza, but today’s rain chased away the crowds.

Another Ginza mania I discovered in the underground passageways connecting three Ginza subway stations. The camera phone crowds have gathered together to capture the Disney QR codes. It’s like a religious group activity, no?

Disney QR Ginza mania