Fall traffic safety, promoted by skating queen

I love how Japan uses celebrities to promote mundane social topics. In this case, figure skater Takahashi Diasuke is promoting fall’s traffic safety, along with our friend peepoo kun, the police mascot at the bottom of the poster. I am not sure what figure skating has to do with urban traffic. But it seems that we may be safer in Tokyo’s streets if our eyebrows are nicely groomed, our mouth open in a giant O, and our outfit tastefully coordinated.

Wimbleon king and the Queen merge fashion, sports & sexiness

I know that the world is ga-ga over the World Cup. I am settling in for some tennis drama. I love this photo of “the Queen” returning to Wimbledon after a 33 year absence. She’s shaking Roger Federer’s hand, and somehow Serena William’s butt is in the center of the scene. Swoon!!

Please send any good tennis images and stories!

Daisy duke-wearing, white muscle queen promotes smoking in Japan

This ad is wrong in so many ways. Why is muscle mary pushing tobacco? Why is he white? Why, oh why, is he wearing daisy dukes? In some of the ads they show him only from the shoulders up. The full view is filthy in every way! Thanks, Tokyo Matt, for submitting this image for the Tokyo Moe readers.

Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend: a huge meat head?

Anderson Cooper's boyfriend: a meat head?

Is Benjamin (Antoine) Maisani really Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend? Gawker claims that this co-owner of East Village bar Eastern Bloc is the closeted CNN anchor’s boyfriend. I think Andie can do better than this extreme muscle queen, but maybe he has a rare mind underneath all that meat.

Thanks to Alexander Chee for passing on this breaking news!