No animal is more moe than the gorgeous pig



This quick portrait of Tokyo-based illustrator Adrian Hogan found him at work animating a dancing pig. I am in awe of his drawing skill, and inspired by his adorable pig. 


Sex symbol tattooed and chained to a penis by his neck

Mads Mikkelsen is in two new movies, Valhalla Rising and Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. Above, this Danish actor is tattooed and chained by the neck to a giant penis. Swoon!

One of my favorite rolls he played was the villian in the James Bond film Casino Royale, especially the incredibly perverted bondage cock-and-ball torture scene with Daniel Craig as the pig bottom. I can’t believe that was allowed in a “mainstream” movie. Moe is truly everywhere.

Man with pig

Man with pig

Had a lovely chat with this man and his “mini buta.” Buta means “pig.” The owner seemed thrilled to introduce his pet to all the people at the festival. He even made the pig squeal by encouraging us to touch his snout. I was in love.


Do you need instructions on how to wash your hands?

instructions on how to wash your hands

Apparently Roppongi Hills thinks we need help to learn how to wash our hands. Really? Or do they just want to remind us to constantly freak out about pig influenza? What do you think?


An illuminated guardian pig

An illuminated guardian pig

An illuminated pig guards the entrance to our home. お母さん、ありがとうございます!


A Man and His Pig

Maezono masakiyo and his pig

To make up for the “body pillow love” story and disturbing graphics, I am continuing my hot Japanese men series. What can be hotter than a man and his pet pig? Maezono masakiyo (前園真聖) is a famous (former) soccer player.


Pig keychain from father-in-law

Pig keychain from father-in-law

For no particular occasion, my father-in-law (ぎりのお父さん) gave me this super-kawaii (かわいい)pig keychain. When you push the button on his head, he snorts and lights a beam. He’s my new friend. Thanks, dad!


Pig in a raincoat

Nice bracelet, too.


Eating out, Eating in

Eating out, Eating in

Tokyo food is great, and we eat out a lot. Still, it’s always fantastic when Shu cooks dinner at home. Last night we had three vegetable dishes with rice. The vegetables here put California produce to shame, and Shu’s a gifted cook.

Below is a restaurant window display. As attractive as the pig with the gun is, we didn’t eat there.

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