This looks like a Grindr photo, but actually it’s . .


It’s a chocolate covered banana ice cream. Very artificial but tasty. And it certainly reminds you of something else that’s lower calorie.

Let’s make a sandwich, said the young sailor



He gestured for me to stand in the middle for photo time. Although very young, I somehow felt more secure in a “sandwich” with two naval defenders. The husband thinks they’re gay. Thanks, Al, for taking the photo.

Arashi fans outside of Taikukan

This post is especially for Kathryn, my #1 reader and blog commenter.

I was innocently on my way to the Taikukan (体育館)public pool– a place as infamous for gays as the summer-only Shiba Koen pool— when I noticed dozens and dozens of young women holding up sad hand-written signs and fans with the unmistakable images of Arashi. Yes, Arashi was performing at the nearby 1964 Olympic stadium, Kokuritsu.

Apparently these girls were praying that some scalper would come by and sell them some tickets. Or maybe they just wanted to hang out with other fangirls and compare photo fans?

ps: I know that these boy bands attract female fans, but what about this image screams hetero to you?! I am not seeing “non-gay,” are you? ^^