Celebratory drunken youth on snowy Seijin no hi at Nakano Sun Plaza


I vote for Team Delinquent. Now that the film has been developed, there will be many days of male yankii glory. So much pomp, excitement, make-up, skin color innovation, and camaraderie.

Of the many cliques celebrating their 20th years of life, including the wanna-be hosts, wanna-be salarymen, and yankii ladies, it’s the delinquent boys who seem so welcoming to this teetotaling, foreign pervert. I heard a few ladies snickering in jealousy, but I focused instead on male beauty, pride, and friendship.

A young Greek like an apparition from the 19th century

Rarely have I met any readers of this blog. Well, I met a few women bloggers who share my interest in Japanese male vanity. And a young American living up in the hills thanked me for posting about the Nichome gay summer festival. But I was completely taken aback when this heavily bearded, pale youth asked me on one of those social apps whether I was the author of the Tokyo Moe blog.

We met up briefly at the end of summer. He arrived in a black ruffled shirt and waxed mustache, and confessed that he was one of the readers who initially thought this blog was written by a woman. I guess the word “husband” confuses even young gays into hegemonic thinking. We shared a sidewalk drink or two, and I was delighted that this simple blog could bring perverts together.

The adorable young Greek in his 20s also told me that he has visited Tokyo 11 times. I hope he comes back soon!

Shibuya 109-2 Fashion Pilgrimage

Last evening I made my fashion pilgrimage to Shibuya 109-2, the epicenter for o-nii-kei (お兄系) and gyaru-o fashion. Even though a few other foreigners (外人) were also lurking, it was impossible not to feel like an older pervert browsing the boutiques full of huge distressed hair, deeply tanned and impossibly skinny salesguys.

The boutiques feature black walls and ceilings, chandeliers, and loud rock and roll. The clothes range from glam rock to Ame-caji アメカジ (short for “American Casual”), with plenty of distressed pants, glitter skulls and guns, skinny jackets, surf and English references (e.g., Donuts & Coffee), and kilos of silver chains.

The photo above is supposed to represent the super-popular Ameri-caji アメリカジ. The publishers and wanna-bes seem blissfully unaware that looking like that in the U.S. would likely lead to name-calling if not violence.

No, I didn’t buy or even try anything on. I am about 25 kilos too heavy and 30 years too old to even try. I did buy a used copy of Men’s Roses on the way home (it’s a companion piece to Men’s Egg and Men’s Knuckle).

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