Celebrating the local gods with ass

Fall in Tokyo means lots of Shinto street festivals. Nothing is more fun to watch than omikoshi, which involves mostly men carrying a heavy shrine, chanting, and showing off their asses. It is spiritual, pagan, collective, and super perverse. I’ll post some more photos in the next days.

“Madoff’s Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me”

Hadassah headquarters

OMG! Ponzi uber-criminal Bernie Madoff had a 20 year romantic relationship with the chief financial officer of Hadassah? So claims Sheryl Weinstein in a book coming out at the end of August. Philanthropic adultery with a leading Zionist women’s organization is perverse at so many levels: Ms Weinstein’s charity was one of the early “investors” that received far more for its investments than it paid, yet Ms Weinstein also claims to have lost her and her husband’s personal fortune. Also, this new confession may be good news for Mrs Madoff (aka, Ruthie), who can use it as evidence that she had *no* idea what crimes her hubbie was up to. As my older relatives often said, “This is *not* good for the Jews.” Or as my husband would say, “Some people are desperate for attention.”