Students’ ceramics show

Students' ceramic show

Last week was the students’ ceramics show in Nishi-Ogikubo. Fourteen students plus the in-law teachers exhibited their work in a cozy two-story gallery. After just two months of ceramics lessons, it seemed a little early for me. All credit is due to my excellent teachers.

I showed almost twenty flower pots, and put flowering plants in six of them and pre-refrigerated bulbs in several more. I was very surprised to sell seven flower pots– four to my aunt K, and one each to ceramics student S, our friend K from Yokohama, and generous W from Peru and Chiba.

Here’s two other views, an overview of floor 1 and another image of my pots, including the giant one which will soon hold my lemon tree.

Students' ceramic show

I missed it, but I heard that the 11-month-old S who comes to the studio with his mom climbed into the giant pot below.

Students' ceramic show`

きたおうじきんや at Rikugien Garden

Walter, Luis’ Peruvian friend living in Tokyo, took me to an amazing 300 year old garden in Tokyo called Rikugien Garden (六義園). We stumbled upon a large film production, and a friendly visitor confided that the actor was an incredibly famous samurai actor named きたおうじきんや. Shu later told me he became much loved by gays in decades past for the frequency with which he showed off his body on film. The park is small and fantastically designed and maintained.

In addition to its dozens of literary allusions and historic preservation, I like how there’s even an elegant spot to park your bike by the entrance.

It was fun to meet Walter, go on a long walk and speak Spanish for hours. I wish my Japanese were half as good.

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