Creepy Neverland-themed Christmas ride

From my tipster Ericthefez, with this note: “Sorry the photo is such poor quality.  I found this ‘ride concept’ at San Jose’s Christmas in the Park kind of creepy.  I let <my only daughter, name redacted> go on the swings, but you better believe I kept a close eye on her.”

In related Xmas news, I heard my first “Last Christmas” song over the weekend, so yes, holiday madness is upon Japan. Fortunately, what Japan lacks in memory-crushing medicinal meds, they make up for in memory-suppressing booze, love for drinking, and end of year “forgetting” parties (bounenkai, perfect for work or friends).

BTW, which do you find more insipid, the George Michael’s original 1980s version of “Last Christmas” or Exile’s more recent cover? What would the Japanese royal family prefer? Please feel free to comment (without defaming our majesties).

Cherry blossoms peaking

Hanami Inokashira Koen

This weekend is officially peak hanami, or cherry blossom viewing. The husband and I visited famous Inokashira Koen in Kichijoji on Friday afternoon. The trees were beautiful, particularly how the old branches extend over the pond.

Hanami Inokashira Koen

Since it was still a weekday, the park was full but not as crazy as it will be over the weekend. There were many blue sheets laid out for picnic-drinking parties, with just a few early birds saving spots for their friends. We saw many over-the-top outfits on people of all ages. And a remarkably genki-looking man told us about his 6 years war experience in Myanmar and his love for bananas and pineapples; turns out he’s 91.

Hanami Inokashira Koen Blue Sheets