Where I’ll be this holiday? At home watching HBO’s Girls


As the serious world of enterprise slows down at year end, I’m delighted to discover HBO’s Girls, a downwardly mobile Sex and the City set in Brooklyn. Think much much more unsatisfying sex, more existential angst, and many more Jewish characters.

The author, lead actress, and director Lena Dunham creates an often unsympathetic main character, who somehow manages to befriend a conservative girl, a bohemian girl, and a super painful virgin. But my secret pleasure is how she gave herself a disgusting boyfriend who is hot in a large nose and geeky fashion.

To share my mother’s characterization of this amazing talent: “I don’t like Lena Dunham, think she is a slob, painful to look at what she does with herself and how she wants/allows herself to be photographed.” I guess I agree with everything, except that I would delete the second word! I love it!

Is this what my college-age NYC nieces are watching? What is their review? I hope their parents, and frankly any parents, are *not* watching! And of course my husband has no interest since, as he says, “there are no zombies or werewolves.”


Irish priest accidentally shows x-rated photos at elementary school parents’ meeting about first communion

Priest blames porn projection on memory stick. Wonder why he didn’t blame PowerPoint, Microsoft operating system, or the devil. For me the best part is the voices of the Irish newscasters.

I also like that the Cardinal thought it best to issue a statement that he had “no advance knowledge of the pornography.”

Thanks, Ericthefez. No, I had *not* seen this before. But it produced many, many laughs.

Inappropriate toddler cheerleading

Inappropriate toddler cheerleading

OK, my morals are not conventional. Still, the sight of toddlers dressed like hookers and doing cheerleading in Nakano’s main plaza seems a bit over the top and very inappropriate to me. Why are they wearing such “sexy” outfits? And what’s up with the red-white-and-blue theme? Do they not have parents? What do you think?