Outree male fashion in Tokyo

Wow! I can’t claim credit for this outrageous Tokyo fashion photo. It’s from Twitter’s @slicesofsoup.

I am left with so many questions: what is keeping those 4/5s turquoise pants up? Do the underpants support the mobile phone (or camera) pouch? Is he the father of one or more children?!


Ladies in kimono make me breathless

It’s true that most of my observation tends towards the louche, the extreme and even shocking. Yet somehow my heart is also touched by the frequent displays of stately elegance that can take your breath away in Tokyo. Recently, I saw this group of elderly ladies in kimonos and sun umbrellas arriving at Taiikukan as I left the pool. I love how five are wearing identical blue kimonos with a ginko leaf pattern, while the sixth has chosen a different color. There’s something elevated and magical about their costume, posture, and their broad formation.