Donki is the place for fetish

I just learned today that each Donki carries different merchandise. The one near Kabukicho seems heavily into fetishes. I love the many female fetish outfits: school girl (many uniform types), ball gown, maid, nurse, police woman. (For those outside Japan, Donki is the abbreviation for Don Quixote, a chain of low priced merchandise packed so densely it’s hard not to imagine the imminent fire hazard of even a short visit). It’s like the poor man’s Isetan or Takashimaya for teens.

The store makes you feel filthy for just looking. And below, a men’s thong with an extremely inappropriate name that does not match the visual. WTF?

Pink in Tokyo

Pink Men's Fashion in Tokyo

Last Sunday’s New York Times has a fantastic magazine fashion spread, Pink Panthers, focused on men’s pink outfits modeled in Tokyo. Even the ties, shoes and flip flops are pink.

Although the designers are European and American, there’s something uniquely Tokyo about the male embrace of full-body pink. And I love how the fashion and models pop in front of everyday Tokyo streetscapes that are both ugly and evocative of my favorite mega-city.