SMAP should “aid” themselves & disappear

This SMAP poster has been up for a while now. The faux “aid” message and the band-aid graphic are as insipid and uninspired as Japan’s oldest boy band. I wonder why these aging botoxed no-talents keep performing even when they show no interest in being on stage or with each other. In all those years of shilling cup of noodles, magazines, CDs, variety shows, etc, didn’t they make enough yen to enjoy retirement or a new career? Or have they made a life-time pact with Johnny-san, the evil boy band producer? Seeing them triggers an involuntary cringe each time.

Which ageing gent will be next Prime Minister

These are five candidates from the Democratic Party of Japan, and one of them will become prime minister sometime on Monday.

I guess I am hoping for one of the two on the left. Did you know Mabuchi Sumio (2nd from left) is nicknamed Terminator because of his robotic look? Poor Japan is stuck in a revolving door of prime ministers played out by old daddies and backroom politics. Politically stagnant and not much to look at.

“Schoolgirls, Be Ambitious”

Who can argue with the message, “Schoolgirls, Be Ambitious”? Shouldn’t girls dream of working in space? But there’s something unnerving about this image of junior high school girls in short uniform skirts floating about the space station rocking out with headphones. Does showing off their legs improve their performance, or are they providing creepy old men a view from below? Adding to the nonsense, this is an ad from a clothing company “East Boy” with a statue of liberty logo on girls’ socks.

Yukata posing at Southern Terrace

I was walking through Southern Terrace and was struck by this man in a dark yukata. I love how his fan is neatly tucked into his obi. He seemed to be parading around without an audience, so I obliged by taking his photograph. I love the contrast between his retro-cool outfit and the modern city around him: construction workers and clearance sales. I love the mix of old and new, stylish and mundane.

Host’s Wife, on Fuji TV

Host's Wife, on Fuji TV

Fuji TV is airing a 2 hour drama called the Host’s Wife (ホストの女房) tonight at 9 pm. I want to see it, but the description, per the Japan Times, sounds kind of tired.

This Friday, Fuji TV presents an original two-hour drama, “Host no Nyobo” (The Host’s Wife, 9 p.m.), which is supposedly based on a true story.

Akemi (Hitomi Kuroki) is the rich and pampered daughter of a prominent Tokyo architect, and in line with her station she is married to an elite executive. Her life seems set.

One day, she goes to a host club in the Kabukicho entertainment district of Tokyo with a few of her female friends, mainly as a joke. There, she meets Aida (Susumu Terajima), who is the club’s No. 1 host. Though hosts may play favorites with valued customers, they aren’t necessarily supposed to become romantically involved with them, but Akemi and Aida are immediately attracted to each other.

The relationship sparks rumors that get back to Akemi’s parents, who disapprove strongly. She becomes even more determined to abandon everything, including her inheritance, and run away with Aida. In the meantime, Aida, who grew up poor, is becoming the king of Kabukicho.

Isn’t Terajima a bit old to be the No. 1 host in Kabukicho? Is anyone going to watch this?

Update: Because Japan Times online site runs old news, I made the mistake of thinking the show was on tonight, when it aired last week. Did anyone watch it?