Sumo wrestler at foreign registration counter in front of me

I was more than thrilled that the person at the foreign registration counter in front of me was a very well dressed and coiffed sumo wrestler. I’ve heard there’s a sumo “stable” in Nakano, so I wasn’t completely surprised by what felt like a close encounter with royalty. I have a soft spot for these big boys!

Politician advertising in Tokyo car park

I met this random politician in one of those instant car parking lots that sprout across Tokyo like weeds. There’s something about his confident and boysih grin in the eerie fluorescent lighting. I have no idea what office he aspires to, or what party or ideas he represents. Still, I was persuaded!

Police Stick

Is this wooden object a stick or a pole? In any case, it is an essential element of Tokyo policing. I love seeing the local cop at the kabin standing guard with the wooden stick, or the more formal occasions in front of a government office.

The tool is at once simple and, most likely, ineffective against any real emergency. Yet its presence is somehow soothing to the police and the public.