Gay beach in Chiba offers nudity and fraternity



So I finally made it to the famous gay nudist beach in Chiba. It’s near Namihana station, just north of Onjuku. You really need a friend to show you how to get there since it involves a long walk or short taxi from the station. You start at a lagoon, trek through a lot of mud, pass the “do not enter” sign, through a long wet tunnel, descend with a rope, and watch the cliff edge as you reach the beach.

I had heard all these stories about how sexual and “shocking” the beach was. Actually, it seems very innocent and friendly. Lots of regulars who live in Chiba who were super chatty and spent a lot of time posing for group naked photos. It’s far from Tokyo but gorgeous!


Domino Dancing, Pet Shop Boys’ Super-Gay 80s video

This digitally remastered 80s music video from the Pet Shop Boys depicts the gayest version of heterosexuality seen in the 20th century. I love the no-shirts-on-boys theme, the gratuitous construction helmets quickly tossed aside to reveal 80s hairdos, the vaguely Barcelona backdrop, the horses, and the ocean wrestling. Ahh, a more innocent time, indeed.

Their new album Yes continues the same sound and high Brit gaydom: “Did You See Me Coming” and “Love Etc.