US Embassy in Kabul

US Embassy Kabul

On the same day the US is complaining about election irregularities in Afghanistan comes the report that the outsourced service hired to guard the US Embassy in Kabul is responsible for  security, morale and and discipline breakdowns. Of course, the “fondling and urinated” caught my attention.

The oversight group’s report said that guards worked in a “Lord of the Flies environment,” where they and their supervisors fondled and urinated on one another. They cite photographs that suggest guards have drawn Afghans into activities forbidden in a conservative Muslin country.

The contractor since 2007 is ArmorGroup, owned by Wackenhut Services Inc. As usual, photographs will be appearing soon. Way to win the “war of necessity,” Obama!

Contact Congress about including LGBT in Obama’s Inaugural parade

Help Secure LGBT Representation in the 2009 Inaugural Parade

If you have a US residence or citizenship, please consider contacting your Congressional Representative and Senators to request LGBT inclusion in Obama’s Inaugural parade. Our friend Davey A created the website, and it’s very simple and important. Please use the site to send your letter this week. And let your friends know, too.


Update: The Obama transition team has announced that an LGBT marching band will appear in the inaugural parade. Thank you to everyone who contacted the parade committee.