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Congratulations to LA’s Massive for bringing Japanese gay manga to the world



Amazing! Trendy department store Opening Ceremony decorates its store windows with the big boys of Japanese gay manga drawn by Jiraiya. Congratulations to Massive for this upmarket launch! Click the Massive link to see what’s available online, and check out Guy Trebay’s NY Times article.

Kristin Chenowith performs “Popular” as advice to Anthony ‘Carlos Danger’ Weiner

A tribute version of the Broadway musical Wicked’s “Popular Song.” Lyrics include:

“You will be popular, the right kind of popular”

“I’ll teach you to zip your fly / You won’t be that guy with a camera down his pants.”

Can this tool still become the next mayor of New York City?



The latest image of Weiner’s junk makes the old one, covered in cotton underwear, seem positively modest. Carlos Danger has every right to continue to enjoy himself online, but enough with the politics, ok? Thanks to both the Daily Show and Colbert Report for sharing this image that can no longer be unseen. And thanks, Dirty!