Nakata Hidetoshi

Nakata Hidetoshi is “Wild Health”

Nakata Hidetoshi Wild Health


Check out the video below. With so much English in Japanese media– “greato tasto,” “healfie body,” and “zero suga”– maybe I don’t need to try so hard to learn this island language.

And for those who cannot get enough of Nakata-sama, there’s the obligatory “making of” video.

Dream double date

Tadanobu Nakata Together

Imagine my delight standing on a JR platform and seeing two of my favorite ikemen together, Tadanobu Asano and Nakata Hidetoshi.

I wonder if I am having a drink with Asano, will Hidetoshi see me from the “human beauty” clinic? Will they fight eachother for me? Can beer and beauty co-exist?

Nakata Hidetoshi, Ikemen Alert!

Nakata Hidetoshi, Ikemen Alert!

Has this blog lacked photos of ikemen recently? I’ve become very obsessed with Nakata Hidetoshi (中田 英寿), former soccer star and now the face of TBC Men’s “Human Beauty” campaign. Do you think heaps of their product can make ordinary men look that good? I wonder . .

The TV ad is super-dreamy:

Sorry I can’t embed it into this blog, but worth clicking. Also, this earlier Shiseido ad:

Which ikemen are distracting you?