European curry sounds strange, doesn’t it?

I laughed many times seeing curries sold in Japan as “European curry.” What a ridiculous idea, like a Swedish taco. I later learned that this term refers to the original curry in Japan, imported by way of Britain during the Meiji period. You can find it in many nostalgic 1970s style “western” restaurants that are distinctly Japanese, and it’s also evolved into many supermarket take-home mixes and fast food joints. The Muji label makes this comfort food seem somehow modern and new. This one scores just 3 out of 5 chiles, and is beef based.

Chanel is for barnyards

Of course, you already knew that. The reason to buy Chanel outfits is so that you can visit barnyards. This new hayseed window display on Omotesando cracked me up.

It seems there’s a rash of foreign luxury brands romancing wealthy shoppers with the fantasy of living the farm and blue collar lifestyles. Up the street is Dolce & Gabanna’s campaign featuring a huge poster of Madonna (the Madonna) washing dishes in a bustier. She wears a facial expression that shows how mystified she is by her actions.

Count me as indifferent to Dolce & Gabanna leaving Japan (as reported by Bryan Boy). I prefer the chance to take bigger style risks shopping at ultra-cheap fast fashion places like Forever 21, H&M, and Muji.

Pre New Year’s Resolution

My resolution for the start of the new decade is to improve my Japanese. The husband suggested keeping a daily diary in a notebook, that bound thing full of paper. Which he will correct later. So we went to Family Mart and bought an adorable 100 yen Muji notebook.

Here’s my first sentence, timed for tomorrow night’s bounenkai with Green Eyed Geisha:


(As preparation for the long anticipated trip to the heart of male vanity, I have been watching Suddenly Last Summer on Youtube. GEG, out of kimono, will be my Liz Taylor. I hope that our elaborately coiffed hosts do not consume me like the cannibals who “devoured” Liz’s cousin. Liz is not only gorgeous, but this role foreshadows her real life career as beard to Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, and Malcolm Forbes. Katherine Hepburn plays the perfectly in denial mother, and Liz truly “chews the drapes.”)

At Muji’s new Shinjuku cafeteria

Muji’s opened a new cafeteria in Shinjuku. Incredibly chic, with lots of chunky oak on the walls, gorgeous furniture, chandeliers made of wine glasses, and many options for mixing and matching lunch dishes. We had 2 hot dishes + 2 cold dishes.

Lots of young mothers and babies at weekday lunch time; husband reminded me that the super-cute babies grow up to become teens. Way to pee on my parade!

Muji rice cooker, from “sayonara” sale

Thanks to Davie-san and Craigslist Tokyo, I just picked up a lighly used, second hand Muji rice cooker. It’s the first appliance for our new apartment. Move-in date is Sept 27.

Davie-san tipped me off to “sayonara” sales by x-pats leaving Japan as a source of good deals. And Craigslist made the recycle love possible. Pretty high fashion, no?