Senate Candidate Opposes Masturbation

Tea bagger Christine O’Donnell won the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat formerly held by Vice President Biden in Delaware. In the mid-1990s, Ms O’Donnell appeared on MTV to explain why Jesus does not approve of masturbation. Thanks, Rachel Maddow and Dan Savage.

Jersey Shore boys featured on Village Voice’s Queer Issue

Somehow, Christophe always knows the latest story. Apparently the self-obsessed Jersey Shore boys posed shirtless and oiled for the Village Voice. And this New York weekly did not tell them that they would be the illustration for “The Guido Ideal” of their annual Queer Issue. This early photo comes from Autostraddle, who critique the Village Voice for using these emblems of retarded heterosexuality as queer icons.

BTW, I heard that MTV wants to export Jersey Shore to over 30 countries. Have you seen this subculture, brand offensive in your (non-US) nation?!