Bunny is crying because she’s pregnant with a baby bicycle!

This sign at the JR Nakano station really had me wondering what has happened to my beloved ward. This station, far more than the Seibu Shinjuku or Marunouchi lines, is the heartbeat that animates our local lives.

Poor Bunny is at once crying and carrying a big stick, while this bicycle is stuck in her transparent womb.

If Bunny can be violated, what could happen to us mere mortals? Should I be concerned about my safety, too?

Role model?

Role model?

OMG! For a lady entering her fifth professional decade, Diane von Furstenberg is looking hot, perhaps supernaturally so. Is she a role model, or is she setting the bar a bit too high for us mere mortals? I love her quote: “This time around I decided I was going to be very much who I really am.”