US Representative Weiner’s Twitter photo

Since I regularly watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, maybe I thought everyone knew about US Rep Weiner’s underwear shot that was tweeted from his account to a young woman who is not his wife. Well, the hubb hadn’t heard yet.

Weiner denies sending the Tweet, but cannot say with certainty if that is his underwear and member, or not. By sexting standards, this is pretty vanilla. While seemingly large and suggestive, his wiener is concealed, draped, and less explicit than most ads for men’s undies.

Do you agree with my mom that Rep Weiner’s career is “over”?

Posh baby bento

Posh baby bento

One of the ceramic studio students has an adorable one year old who accompanies her. In addition to having the coolest outfits, he also has wonderful ceramics for his lunch. Recently, his mom brought him the most elegant tin bento box. No plastic cups, plates and bowls for this lucky baby!