Terrorists hide bombs in rectums

Terrorists hide bombs in rectums

Thank you, Thomas Friedman, for spelling out what the BBC kept vague with its talk of an “internal bomb.” The  Al Qaeda terrorist hid “the bomb and the detonator” in his rectum while attacking a Saudi prince. This makes the rest of the story much more intriguing, including:

“Only the attacker died, but it is feared that the new development could be copied by others.”

“If it really is true that the metal detectors couldn’t detect this person’s hidden explosive device, that would mean that the metal detectors as they currently exist in airports are pretty much useless,” he said.

Am I the only person who would like to see the video of this sexy terrorist inserting the bomb and detonator?

Posh baby bento

Posh baby bento

One of the ceramic studio students has an adorable one year old who accompanies her. In addition to having the coolest outfits, he also has wonderful ceramics for his lunch. Recently, his mom brought him the most elegant tin bento box. No plastic cups, plates and bowls for this lucky baby!

Our front door

Our front door

One of the strangest features of nearly all Japanese middle class apartments are their doors– typically metal, short and oddly un-residential to my eyes. These doors define residential living here, along with hallways that are open to the elements, and endless rows of symmetrical fluorescent hall and stairwell lighting visible from the streets.

I was reminded of this when my American artist friend who lives in Beijing and is in Japan for a 2 month artist residency told me about her strange Yokohama apartment door. She didn’t realize how typical and pervasive this door is.

What do you think it looks like? Sometimes I feel like it’s a prison, a submarine, an industrial farm. More recently, these doors seem normal and unremarkable.