Gratuitous crotch shot


I’ll end the photo stream about Koh Masaki’s memorial with this completely gratuitous crotch shot.

Tenten Sky also performed and spoke at the memorial


I think it’s super cool that porn superstar Koh Masaki had a Chinese boyfriend. Along with his trip to Songkran in Thailand, his international relationship also marked him as part of a new Japanese generation more interested in Asia.

At Koh-sama’s memorial service, hair was flying and panties showing


As I said before, I went to porn superstar Koh Masaki’s memorial service not knowing quite what to expect. Would it be heavy? In fact, hair was flying, panties showing, and humor and comaraderie reigned. I love how this tranny worked the flight attendant outfit, evoking Koh sama’s recent super-sexy Pan Am costume, and the “have a nice flight” theme of the memorial.