Kitanachelin, or Dirty Michelin, ramen meal in upscale Shibuya suburb

Have you heard about this Japanese TV program, called “Kitanachelin”?! It’s a program that showcases neighborhood restaurants that have great food and are dirty looking. The title combines the word “kitainai” or dirty with an abbreviated version of Michelin, as in the guide to fine dining.

We stumbled into this ramen shop in Sangenjaya using Tabelog. Only when we had ordered did I recognize the proud trophy on the counter. I wonder when they won the coveted prize: the food was OK but not great, and the place merely untidy rather than over-the-top filthy.

Samuel Steward’s Stud File

The husband was concerned that my pace of posting has slowed down recently, and he suggested linking to this book review of a new biography of Samuel Steward, mid-century English professor, novelist, and tattoo artist. Apparently Alfred Kinsey’s book inspired Steward to consider himself a “sexual researcher,” which led him to compile a “stud file” with 746 index cards documenting 50 years of sexual encounters.

The husband asks, “Why did he want to record those sexual encounters so meticulously?” Readers, do you (or someone you “know”) keep detailed records? Is this analagous to those bloggers who document every meal?