I love how fantasy wedding involves no groom, no family


Why is this gorgeous woman lurking in the back seat of an old fashioned limousine? Of course, she’s promoting weddings at Meiji Jingu, perhaps the poshest place to get married in all of Japan. I love how this bride’s wedding fantasy includes no groom and no family. The perfect wedding is all about HER.

A Romney supporter speaks up

Incredibly hilarious. I think Japanese should use this video to learn about colloquial English. She’s supporting Romney because he’s hot, he has same name as her cat, his running mate is better than Sarah Palin (“Ryan something”), Obama is anti-Catholic (“He’s going to take away my right to be a Catholic”),  and because she’s a “conservative Republican.”

And this gem: “For all those who say that Republican don’t like women, they’re married to them. Dunh.”

Mrs Rick Perry: Husband is gay but a true married Xian

If it were up to me, I’d have a series of debates just featuring spouses. I’d love to see which can be more subservient, who has biggest crocodile tears, and who loves their husband (and in one case, wife) and Amerika most. Those spouses who are gay or are married to gays are some of the most audacious.

“Good to know,” the husband says

Apparently the super-queenie and very ugly Pope now suggest that condom use is OK for male prostitutes. (Via Ericthefez). I love the illogic of its use “in some cases.”

“There may be a basis in the case of some individuals, as perhaps when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering an awareness that not everything is allowed and that one cannot do whatever one wants,” the pope said.

Do you think that the male prostitutes should use them by themselves, or with their clients who may include married men and ladies who are paying for their services. Maybe you need to be irresponsible in order to be given permission to be responsible? That’s very Zen, no?