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Seijin no Hi Finale: Legs Spread Wide

Alas, dear readers, this is my final Seijin no Hi photo. Perhaps the culmination of all the other photos. For reasons not made clear to this foreigner, the joyous 20 year olds are posing with one of them in the air with his legs spread wide. A particularly fetching boy seems to be reaching his hand towards legs-spread-wide’s groin.

I can only imagine how much more fun happened after they got drunker. There’s something practically Muslim about how almost all Japanese socializing is same sex. I love it!

Pink in Tokyo

Pink Men's Fashion in Tokyo

Last Sunday’s New York Times has a fantastic magazine fashion spread, Pink Panthers, focused on men’s pink outfits modeled in Tokyo. Even the ties, shoes and flip flops are pink.

Although the designers are European and American, there’s something uniquely Tokyo about the male embrace of full-body pink. And I love how the fashion and models pop in front of everyday Tokyo streetscapes that are both ugly and evocative of my favorite mega-city.