Shibuya’s new mascot loves to water flowers and put on make-up


From the Japan Times:

the fairy lives in Yoyogi Park and its hobby is to water flowers and put on makeup.

I love how in Japan, or at least Shibuya, putting on makeup qualifies as a hobby! The name Airissun combines the meanings of “love” and “iris” while also drawing on the sound of the English word “listen.”


Sexy acrobat in Koenji

This past weekend Koenji hosted a street fair with dozens of performances happening outside the station and along the shopping streets. It’s called Bikkuri Daidogei, or Surprising Street Performance Festival. Since it was a performance, I took the opportunity to admire this sexy acrobat. The neediness of street performers, craving public attention, certainly draws me in. Plus, I love creative makeup.