Classy girlish looks at Jesuit school’s fall festival

Compared to the blonde yankii undressed on the pavement, these autumn looks at Tokyo’s finest Jesuit university are both girlish and classy. Drop pants, check. Luxury label, check. Overcoat with baseball cap, check. Tongue out of mouth, check. Expensive and complicated lady’s hair, check, check, check.

A supermodel channel Jackie O in family court. She seeks US $46k/month in child support

It’s nice to see supermodels of the world still looking sharp. These are four images of Linda Evangelista in Manhattan family court seeking child support of $46,000 per month from French luxury brand magnate François-Henri Pinault. I love how she’s projecting Jackie O: tailored, rich, very Upper East Side lady.

Speaking of supermodels of the world, who do you think would win a runway walk-off between Linda and RuPaul? Ru would certainly win the lip sync for your life contest, but I’d love to see the fashion competition. Both ladies are standing tall!